From pioneering beginnings, our family-owned business has positioned itself at the forefront of Biometric Technology.

Ten years ago, Tibor Major developed one of South Africa’s first locally assembled fingerprint reading clocking systems.
Today, after leaps and bounds in Biometric Technology we are able to provide a complete Biometric Solution for your business or home; whether you require a

fingerprint reader

or a full biometric access control system.

We can confidently say that our latest Biometric Systems will reduce payroll costs and increase productivity. Our Biometric Systems will also keep sensitive areas restricted and secure your data and valuables.

We pride ourselves in competitive pricing but more importantly Superior Customer Service.

Our solution begins with your concerns about payroll expenses, productivity and absenteeism, as well as your concerns about access and data security.

Our Biometric Solutions for Business and Home include:

  • Time and Attendance Control - Fingerprint reading clocking devices and software to interpret data and generate reports.
  • Access Control - Biometric door locks and Access Control, RFid door locks and Keypad locks.

  • Data Control - Biometric USB devices including Flash Drives, Portable Hard Drives and Computer Access.
  • Asset Control - Biometric Safes.

“We have been taught to regard a representative of the people as a sentinel on the watch-tower of liberty.” Daniel Webster

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