We Provide: Your business or home with Biometric Solutions that: reduce your payroll costs, enhance productivity, restrict access, protect your data and safeguard your assets.

We pride ourselves in: Supplying and maintaining leading, quality Biometric Products at an affordable price coupled with Superior Customer Service. Our business philosophy is what backs up this promise.

We believe in: Social Responsibility. Sentinel Biometrics has initiated ‘The Apple Foundation’ charity program whereby we donate a bag of apples to a nominated charitable organisation with each product or service our clients purchase. We believe that if we can give a child an-apple-a-day, we, together with our clients, have made a difference. We also believe in Environmental Responsibility. Our small capacity motorcycles leave a much smaller Carbon Footprint than traditional means of business transport.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Ghandi

Over 10 years ago, Tibor Major developed one of South Africa’s first Biometric Time & Attendance Systems. With the advancement of Biometric Technology over recent years, the capability and functionality of Time & Attendance, Access Control, Data Control and Asset Control Systems has improved tenfold. We now have tomorrow’s affordable and reliable technology available to us today.

Jason Major, with 12 years experience in the financial management field understands the inherent risks that almost all businesses face.

These risks include:

  • Staff payroll costs - Paying your staff for time they have not worked. Archaic clock card systems fail every time in that staff collusion leads to favour-clocking. Staff clock in on each other’s behalf.
  • Labour disputes - If inadequate time and attendance records are kept, any related dispute will be struck off the roll. This costs businesses many millions of Rands each year.
  • Access Control - Who does have a key to your office? Sensitive document leaks hurt business in more ways than just financial loss. Protect your documents and valuables.
  • Data Control - Digital security should be one of an organisation’s key policies - this is rarely the case in the work place. Inappropriate access to computers and data is unhealthy for any business. The cost may be tangible or intangible but is most certainly preventable.
  • Asset Control - Misappropriation of an organisation’s assets is twofold. Firstly the associated financial loss and secondly the staff morale cost. E.g. Petty cash that is misappropriated has to be re-imbursed/repaid. Proving who stole the funds without any solid evidence leads to false accusations and upset staff members, affecting morale in the work place.