Q: How long does it take for the scanner to read a fingerprint?
A: It takes less than 1 second to read a fingerprint and log an event.

Q: Is the fingerprint database linked to the South African Police Service?
A: No it is not. The fingerprint scanner reads only recognisable features (minutiae points) of each print.
    No images of the prints are stored.

Q: How many fingerprint templates can be enrolled on a terminal?
A: Up to 50,000 fingerprint templates can be enrolled depending on the system. Multiple fingers for each     user can be registered with the benefit of no excuses for a failed log-in due to poor fingerprints.

Q: How many records can be stored in the device?
A: Up to 1,000,000 log events can be stored, terminal dependant.

Q: What support does Sentinel Biometrics offer?
A: We pride ourselves in Superior Customer Service. We offer telephonic and on-site support. A nominal call out fee is charged.

Q: Is the software for Time & Attendance easy to use?
A: Absolutely. The software has been written with the end-user in mind and is extremely user-friendly.