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Real Solutions:

  • Time and Attendance Control
    Fingerprint reading clocking devices and software to interpret data and generate reports.
  • Access Control
    Biometric door locks and Access Control, RFid door locks and Keypad locks.

  • Data Control
    Biometric USB devices including Flash Drives, Portable Hard Drives and Computer Access.
  • Asset Control
    Biometric Safes.

Motor Workshops

A number of franchised motor dealerships have, for some years, very effectively used Sentinel Biometrics Time and Attendance systems in their workshops. Prime among them are Hyundai dealerships in Gauteng province. Starting with an installation at Hyundai Cresta, enthusiastic word-of-mouth recommendations have spread their use to other branches including Centurion and Roodepoort.

Petrol Stations

Petrol station forecourts were the prime focus of the earliest Sentinel Biometrics installations. With their 24-hour operation necessitating un-supervised shift-workers, abuse of older attendance register systems was rife.
Sentinel Biometrics Fingerprint TIme and Attendance eradicated the many scams that petrol station owners had to contend with. Although Sentinel Biometrics is installed in petrol stations bearing the names of all the petroleum companies, a model site is Sasol Featherbrook in Peter Road in Roodepoort.

Shops and Restaurants

Larger shops and restaurants, as well as most supermarkets have complex work structures with shift, temporary and casual workers. Keeping accurate attendance records with antiquated systems can be a nightmare.
Sentinel Biometrics has greatly eased these problems for a number of Spar supermarkets as well as larger restaurants such as Ocean Basket at Emperors Palace.

Factories and Warehouses

In factories, the time-honoured scam of “buddy-clocking” with the old clock-card system has adversely affected the production, efficiency and profitability of many industries over the years. An example of a very successful Sentinel Biometrics installation in a factory environment is Pannonia Precision Engineering in Boksburg, where accurate clocking is essential both for the factory owners as well as the machine operators whose pays are docked for late arrival.